Q: Why hire Debbie?

A: I am committed to the success of your event, just as passionately as if it was my own event. Also, I have more experience with various styles of events and venues than any other magician in Atlanta.

Q: WHAT Do I have to provide for your performance?

A: Just a place to perform or speak, and an audience! I bring my own tables, can provide a sound system (amplifier, state-of-the-art headset microphone, background music).

(If you are hosting a huge event you probably have sound provided by the venue or an A/V company. The larger the room, and larger the audience, the more valuable it is to have the venue or a professional sound company provide support. 


A: Once you hire Debbie, she will email you a Performance Agreement and an Invoice. Typically a 50% Deposit is requested, but that is a flexible policy based on timing of event date, type of client (corporate, private, non-profit, charity, local, out-of-town, venue, and style of presentation being booked)

Q: ?

A: Debbie